About Access Now
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What does Access Now Provide?
For Physicians:
  • Hundreds of physicians in our community provide care at no cost to uninsured patients every day. They believe it is the right thing to do. Access Now was created to ensure patients are eligible for charity care and help distribute accordingly access to charitable care with providers.
  • Access Now documents the value of services donated and reports it annually to providers.
  • Access Now’s patient care coordination offers physicians the opportunity to join a network of peers to give back to their community through a seamless, efficient and deeply appreciated system of care.
For Safety Net Clinics: 
  • Access Now offers clinics a bridge to care for their patients with complex medical needs.
  • More than 880 providers representing more than 40 specialties offer complex care for patients referred by local safety net clinics.
  • Regular reports are provided that keep clinics informed of their patient’s status.
For patients enrolled in Richmond safety net clinics:
  • Access Now coordinates your specialty care when a referral is requested by your primary care medical home.
  • Specialists provide their services free of charge to you and receive no compensation or reimbursement.


To create and sustain a dynamic and innovative physician community for the benefit of the Greater Richmond Area.

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