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Committees of Richmond Academy of Medicine

Governance Committee: The Governance Committee accesses the composition of the Board and identifies needs, identifies and cultivates prospective board members; reviews and approves board job descriptions, and coordinate the election process. The immediate past president chairs this committee. The committee meets twice annually and as needed.

Compensation Committee: The Compensation Committee annually reviews the HR policies of RAM and its subsidiaries. The committee recommends changes as needed to the full board; the committee annually reviews the compensation plan of the Academy and makes recommendations as needed to maintain a fair and equitable compensation policy. The committee reviews the intermediate sanction considerations for non-profits. Most of the work can be done electronically but the committee will meet as a whole at least once annually.

Finance and Budget Committee: The Finance Committee oversees the development of the budget, safeguards the Academy’s investment accounts, reviews the insurance policies of the Academy, oversees the hiring of an independent auditor, and assures that timely financial reports are provided the board. The committee is composed of three trustees, two or more RAM members, a representative from CCVS, a representative from Access Now. Generally the committee meets once annually with our investment team (Kanawha and SmithBarney), meets once with the auditors to hear their annual audit recommendations, and meets one or more times as budgets are being prepared for proposal to the full board.

Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee works with the Board to develop and implement a comprehensive government affairs strategy. Additionally, the task and activities associated with this committee include participating in White Coat Days, attending legislative receptions, participating in the MSV Spring Meeting and Annual Meetings, and promoting the MSV PAC. 

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment of new members and retention of existing members. Committee members discuss opportunities for additional services for members, explore trends in medical society membership, develop recruitment campaigns and assist in identifying social opportunities for members.

Programs Committee: The Programs Committee works with the Vice-President of the board to identify potential speakers for general meetings and to invite speakers for the Lunch on Tuesday’s events. 

Women In Focus (WIF) Committee: The goals and objectives of the Women In Focus Committee are to promote collegiality, to provide networking opportunities, to discuss everyday workplace challenges and to stay abreast on women’s and children’s healthcare topics and issues. The committee meets three times a year for a short presentation and discussion.

Historical Collections and Oral History Committee: Communicating the rich history of the Academy to members and the public at large is the primary focus of the Historical Collections Committee. Finding creative and interesting ways to incorporate our Miller Collection into the work of the Academy, revisiting what oral histories we have collected, and preserving our internal collection requires members who love history and specifically medical history.


If you are interested in serving on a RAM committee, please contact Kate Gabriel at kgabriel@ramdocs.org or (804) 643-6631!



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