Women In Focus Speakers
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The Women in Focus committee is always looking for informative speakers who are passionate about women’s and children’s health topics. If you’re interested in speaking at a future meeting, please contact Kate Gabriel at 622-8133 or at kgabriel@ramdocs.org.

Thank you to all of our past Women In Focus speakers!

Date  Speaker and Topic
 May 2020 

Rebecca Gwilt, Esq., Nixon Law Group

"The Future of Remote Care:
The likely impact of COVID-19 on provider adoption of remote care technologies"


February 2020

Katrina Murphy, MD, PhD, Neurosurgical Associates

"Spine Pain 101: Red Flags and When to Refer"

October 2019  

Emma Fields, MD, Radiation Oncologist, VCU Health

"Novel Treatment Options for Pancreas Cancer"

May 2019

Christy Kesslering, MD, Radiation Oncologist Northwest Medicine

"Risk Assessment of the DCIS patient today, and Personalized Medicine 2019"

March 2019

Kelley von Elten, MD, Richmond Allergy and Asthma Specialists

"Hot Topics in Allergy"

October 2018  

Shweta Joshi, MD, Richmond Gastroenterology Associates

"GI Health"

May 2018

Sujoy Gill, MD, Pulmonary Associates of Richmond, Inc.

"Challenging the Management of COPD: Ruling Out Alpha-1"

 March 2018  

Bunan Alnaif, MD, Western Branch Center for Women

"Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA) due to menopause: focus on moderate to severe dyspareunia"

 November 2017

Jayashree Ravishankar, MD, Bon Secours Infectious Disease Specialists

"Know all about what stings: What is infectious these days?"

 May 2017

Mary Helen Hackney, MD, MS, FACP, VCU Massey Cancer Center

"Hot Topics in Breast Cancer Care"

February 2017

Richard D. Hall, MD, MS, University of Virginia

"Case-Based Approach for Treating Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)"

October 2016

Elizabeth Miller, RD, CSO

"Nutrition in Cancer Survivorship"

 May 2016

Manal F. Abdelmalek, MD

"Recognizing and Diagnosing Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency (LAL-D)"

November 2015

Leanne Yanni, MD, Palliative Medicine | Bon Secours Virginia

"Palliative Medicine"

August 2015

Giao Q. Phan, MD, Division of Surgical Oncology, Department of Surgery - Virginia Commonwealth University

"Melanoma Immunology and Treatment Options"

February 2015

Cecilia Bergh, MD, Pulmonary Associates of Richmond, Inc.

"Pulmonary Issues"

November 2014 

Hillary Hawkins, MD, Sheltering Arms


May 2014

Ana Stankovic, MD, FACP, FASN, FASH, Peritoneal DaVita Dialysis Clinic
"Atypical Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (aHUS)”

February 2014

Gilda Cardeñosa, MD, FACR, VCU Medical Center

"Breast Imaging Challenges”

October 2013

Georgia Seely, MD, Dermatology Associates of Virginia

"Medical conditions with dermatological presentations”

May 2013

Tara Dall, MD , Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL)

"Advanced Biomarker Testing Made Simple”


February 2013

Leslie Cohen, MD, Institute for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the Wound Healing Center

"Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound healing”

October 2012

Lang Liebman, MD Virginia Urology Radiation Oncology Associates &

Julia Padgett, MD Bon Secours Surgical Dermatological Center

"Skin Cancer Management Updates:

Mohs Surgery and the Role of Radiation Therapy”

March 2012

Victoria Kuester, MD, Pediatric Orthopaedics, MCV/VCU Health System

"The Pigeon-Toed Child”

October 2011

Cecilia Boardman, MD, MCV Hospitals, VCU Health System

"Tools for Cancer Treatment & Management”

May 2011

Madge Zacharias, MD, Zacharias Ganey Health Institute

"An overview of the Zacharias Ganey Health Institute”

February 2011

Kathy Stewart, NP, Meyer Lovings & Day Pediatrics

"Sex abuse survivors”

October 2010

Brandon Taylor, VP Wealth Management Morgan Stanley

"How to manage your money in today’s market and the Top 5 things we should all be doing financially right now!”

May 2010

Sara Monroe, MD, VCU Department of Infectious Disease

"An Update on Resistance”

February 2010

Scott Lucidi, MD, VCU Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

"Fertility Preservation Options in Female Cancer Patients”

October 2009

Joann Bodurtha, MD, VCU

"Genetics 101 – Applications for Today”

May 2009

Francisco Cruz, MD, Endocrinology Quantum Physicians

"Metabolic Disorders to Digest”

February 2009

Jeff Odell, MedVirginia

"Electronic Medical Records 101”


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