Why Partner with RAMSC
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There are reasons why partnering with a specialty medical society works well. The Services Corporation can help your organization to:

  • To contain cost. Full time employees are expensive. They come with associated benefit cost and when they do the job right, you want to reward them with raises. Sometimes problems arise. Board members are asked to be HR professionals. Outsourcing contains personnel cost and removes HR management from your plate.
  • To contain cost even more. Headquarters require computers, telephones, faxes, internet, copy machines, work areas, boardrooms, lights, carpets, water, heat and AC. Periodically these things need replacement or upgrading. By outsourcing, you get out of the purchasing/leasing role and give that responsibility to us.
  • To improve resource allocation. Volunteer board members are freed from the burden of personnel hiring, payroll, government requirements, benefits, capital acquisitions, finding/leasing space and other infrastructure-related responsibilities.
  • To broaden your resource base. To have greater access to service-focused professionals experienced in all phases of association activity. To have access to and eventual adoption of a best practice, idea, tool, methodology or lesson learned can save time and cost, reduce risk and improve productivity and performance.
  • To grow. To grow and to build sustained competitiveness. We continuously work to hone our knowledge, resources and best practices so your organization will excel at three fundamentals of growth: creating and maintaining a compelling value proposition with members; being "easy to do business with;" and communicating and marketing in effective, consistent and frequent ways.
  • To improve financial controls and practices. We have internal controls and practices that are time-tested to ensure the highest levels of integrity and reliability. The internal control system is augmented by policies and guidelines, careful selection and training of qualified personnel and detailed review procedures.
  • To have access to experts. Such access includes law firms and certified public accounting firms with strong association practices, as well as investment and insurance companies that provide association-tailored services.


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